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Tanw Supuñ Dùukuñ an apex body of Apatani community formed

ZIRO, Nov 29: Longing to have an apex organization by the people of Apatani community, has finally come into reality today with the formation of Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ (Tanii Apex Council) with Dr. Hage Lodor and Er. Lyagi Miri as the President and Vice President and Er. Tapi Tai and Er. Lod Tanyo, as the General Secretary and Asst. General secretary respectively.

Organized by the Apatani Cultural & Literary Society (ACLS), the Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ (TSD) was launched today at Subansiri Stadium with great fan fare in presence of huge gathering of people from all walks of life which become the Red Letter Day for the community.

Chairing the lunching ceremony, Hage Kojeen, IAS who is also the chairman of the Advisory Board, ACSL cum Chairman of Search Committee for TSD in his key note address has highlighted how the Committee had taken pain in bring the shape which includes selection of the right person for the office bearers etc. It took us two years after the ACLS moved a proposal for having an apex body for the Apatani community, Kojeen added.

Dr. Hage Tam, ACLS president in his presidential address while congratulating central executive body of TSD said that since Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ is formed as the apex organization for the community, it should not be allowed to be influence by any political parties. He also appeal people of the community to honour the TSD and respect it.

Dr. Hage Lodor, the first presidents of TSD in his brief speech while identifying drug abuse as one of the social problem, suggested student community to keep away from the unwanted substances such as drugs, alcohol etc else they will create bad image of the community. Sincere approach and hard work in study only will make future of the community to a great height, he added.

Participating in launching ceremony, local MLA Tage Taki while suggesting TSD to work for the revival power of the Bulyang Council as well as Gaon Burahs to settle the petty cases in village level instead going to the court, he appealed TSD and people of the area to extend him cooperation for all round development and in his endeavor toward wellbeing of the society.

Padi Richo, Ex-minister cum president APCC (I) suggested TSD office bearers not to spare any one even their own children if found guilty in discharge their duties and also in giving verdict. Equal degree of action should also be initiate even against the top level officer including MLA if found going against the interest of the society.

In view of its non-political status of organization, Nani Ribia, ex-MLA appealed TSD executive member not to allow any political interference in their duties and also to keep themselves distance from the political activities even when their closest relatives are contesting in election, for the sake of dignity of the apex body.

Hage Kobing, Zilla Chairperson appealed people of community not to pass any negative comments in any social media which may affect the dignity of the community rather they should approach or write to executive members of TSD reporting the matter or giving a line of suggestion for further course of action.

Large number of people from all walks of life of the community that includes officers, local legislative, public leaders, GBs, NGOs, students and general public attended the launching ceremony with great excited and rejoicing mood.

Earlier, chairman of the lunching ceremony Hage Kojeen administrated oath of office to Dr. Hage Lodor, first president of TSD and thereafter Lodor administrated oath of office to all the office bearers.

Rejoicing over the launching of TSD, colourful cultural items were presented by the teams from all the villages of the Ziro valley.