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Whereas there exist many traditional social organizations, unions, societies, NGOs other bodies in various names and nature within Apatani community, whose objectives and functions are directed towards the socio-cultural, socio-economic and literary development and to promote harmony, unity and integrity of Apatani. Whereas it is considered necessary and expedient to constitute an umbrella organization to co-ordinate and also to act as appellate body of these various organizations. WHEREAS it is considered necessary and expedient to provide/constitute an Apex Body/Organization in order to guide, promote and encourage healthy and sustainable growth and development of Apatani/Society/Community as a whole.


We, the Apatani people, do solemnly resolved on this day the September 8, 2013 to constitute ourselves into a Body / Organisation called (Name of organization) TANII SUPUNG DUKUNG (TANII APEX COUNCIL) to function as the Apex Body / Organisation of the entire Apatani Community and to work towards preservation and protection of the rich and unique literature, socio-cultural and socio-economic heritage and practices and to guide, promote social cohesion and harmony, unity and integrity, moral and ethical values and to secure dignity of the individuals of the Apatani and community as a whole, and matters connected therewith, thereby to achieve the overall human excellence in all forms. These Bye-Laws to provide for guide, promote and encourage healthy and sustainable growth and development of Apatanis as a whole encompassing the rich and unique literature, socio-cultural and socio-economic heritage and practices, social cohesion and harmony, unity and integrity, moral and ethical values of the Apatani, and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, thereby to achieve the overall human excellence in all forms.

Chapter 1 - Preliminary

Article.1:- Short title, extent and commencement

  1. These Bye-laws may be called the TANII SUPUNG DUKUNG (TANII APEX COUNCIL) Bye-laws, 2013.
  2. It shall come into force on such date as the TANII SUPUNG DUKUNG (TANII APEX COUNCIL) may by notification appoint.
  3. It extends to all the ordinary/registered members of Apatani.

Article.2:- Definition:-

  1. In these Bye-laws, unless the context otherwise requires-
    1. Apatani Person shall include any person, provided that he/she has adopted the Apatani clan title as prefix or suffix to his/her name as accepted by the clan members, irrespective of parents community.
    2. Board means the Advisory Board constituted under Article 27;
    3. Bye-laws mean the Bye-laws of the TANII SUPUNG DUKUNG (APTANI APEX COUNCIL);
    4. "Chairman/Chairperson" means-the Chairman/Chairperson of the Advisory Council or, as the case may be, of the Advisory Board;
    5. Complaint means complaint made under Article 51;
    6. Council means the Advisory Council constituted under Article 7;
    7. Courts means penal authorities constituted under Article 46;
    8. "Emblem" means the Emblem of the Society as described and specified in the Article 4;
    9. Flag means the Flag of the Society as described and specified in the Article 4;
    10. Schedule to be used as an official seal of the Society;
    11. Government Employee shall include a person who is serving in the state Govt., Central Govt., Rajiv Gandhi University, NERIST, AIR &ersand; PSUs (like NHPC, Power Grid, OIL, SBI, AP COOPERATIVE Apex Bank) etc;
    12. Government includes Government of Arunachal Pradesh and Central Government;
    13. Member includes ordinary and registered members as in explained Article 6 (a) and (b);
    14. Offence means an offence punishable under these Bye-laws;
    15. Society means the Tanii Supung Dukung (Tanii Apex Council);
    16. Research means study or systematic investigation on all the relevant issues pertaining to Apatani;
  2. Words and expressions used in this Bye-law, but not defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in Oxford English dictionary.
    1. Presumptions:-
      1. Wherever common nouns like MLA, ZPM, Advocate, Govt. Servants etc. appear without the prefix Apatani, it shall be presumed that they mean Apatani MLA, ZPM etc.
      2. Wherever the Member of Council or member of Board appears, they shall be presumed be Regular member of Council/Board, and shall exclude Ex-officio and Honorary members, unless specifically mentioned/prefixed.

Article 3: Constitution of Society:

  1. There shall be a registered Society called ìSUPUNG DUKUNG (TANII APEX COUNCIL)î (in short ìTSDî) hereafter called the ìSOCIETYî or ìAPEX BODYî of the Apatani community.
  2. Apex Body shall be a body of corporate by the name aforesaid having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power, subject to the provisions of these Bye-laws to hold property and shall by the same said name to sue or to be sued.
  3. The organizational scheme of structure of Apex Body in hierarchical order shall consist of the following namely:-
    1. Advisory Council
    2. Central Executive Body
    3. Advisory Board
    4. District Units
  4. It shall be purely a Socio-cultural, Socio-economical, Literary, Charitable and Apolitical Society.
  5. All the registered organizations under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and extension to Arunachal Pradesh Act, 1978, involving Apatani Community shall be the sister organizations or the wings of the Apex Body as the case may be.
  6. The Head Office (HO) of the Society shall be located at Ziro in Lower Subansiri district.

Article 4: Adoption of common Emblem and Flags: There shall be official common Seal, Emblem and Flag

  1. The official common Emblem of the Society shall be MIIYU PIILEY, consisting feathers of hornbill, cock, tazer, base with woven cover of split cane Taser/Tiiser Yaso indicat ing the strength, wisdom, unity and integrity of the society.
  2. The official common Flag top band is of PYAMING BERI, indicating the strength and courage of the Society. The WHITE middle band with EMBLEM in the middle indicates peace, harmony, co-existence and truth. The NIIJI BERI in the bottom band shows the fertility, growth, development and sustainability of the Society.

Article 5: Aims and Objectives: The basic objectives of the society is to promote and encourage overall healthy growth and sustainable development of Apatani society/community as a whole.

  1. To collect, document, promote, protect preserve, propagate and publish rich and unique literary, socio-cultural and socio-economic heritage and practices of Apatani community including folk songs, dances, rituals, folk-lores, and other similar compositions.
  2. To undertake study, research and such other activities relating to Apatani community for furtherance of growth, development and progress of Apatani community.
  3. To encourage and promote social harmony, unity and integrity and peaceful co-existence within and with other community.
  4. To take up such other pre-emptive and preventive measures and steps relating to any traditional and social practice or rituals that have become socially irrelevant, obsolete, that may be detrimental to the existence of healthy, peaceful and harmonious society and its socio-economic and socio-cultural growth and development.
  5. Diffusion of useful knowledge.

Article 6:- Membership registration, maintenance of register and publication:

  1. Membership: All persons belonging to Apatani Community shall be the members. The member shall pay his / her annual registration fee @ Rs. 200.00 (Rupees two hundred) only per annum subject to revision as and when felt required. The members can pay the annual fees at a time with one-time payment of Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees ten thousand) only.
  2. Each member who pays the annual registration fee shall be issued a Registration Card signed by General Secretary of Central Executive Body.
  3. 25% of registration fee may be retained in each district unit in order to meet the expenditure to carry out their routine works.
  4. Registration card for members of District units shall be issued by the General Secretary of Central Executive Body on receipt of 75% of the membership fee, including 25% of such membership, which shall be transferred to Reserved Fund of the Advisory Council.
  5. Membership List Register shall be maintained by District Unit Chapters, Central Executive Body HQ at Ziro and Advisory Council HQ at Itanagar in their respective office.
  6. There shall be a common format for Membership List Register and shall include: Sl. No., Name, Designation, Address, Department, District, Date of registration, Registration Number, Remarks, which shall be computerized so as to enable easy sharing of information between Head offices and Branch Offices.
  7. List of registered members shall be published annually and circulated at the time of annual conference/ General Body Meeting.
  8. Registration Card shall be centrally printed and records maintained by the General Secretary of Central Executive Body.